Sunday, August 19, 2012

How to Replace Fabric Window Shades

Material screen treatments will add style to any screen. Traditional curtains and curtains start from part to part, but screen treatments start from the end to the top. An uncomplicated stitching technique that creates an starting technique with control buttons will deliver stylish alternatives to worn out fabric screen treatments. Material screen treatments can be synchronized to the décor of any room and make a sleek and modern appearance.

Measure the size and size of the old screen colour with the tape-measure and add 1/2 inches wide to each statistic. Double the statistic to determine the amount of material distance needed for the information screen colour.

Cut two items of material to the statistic and collection them on top of each other with the rights sides of the materials facing each other.

Cut three items of 1/4-inch wide twill record to a length of 3 inches wide each. Times each piece of twill record in half. Position the collapsed items of twill record on top of the base of the placed fabric items, equally spread apart.

Pin the sides of the two items of material together with the straight hooks, including the collapsed pieced of twill record.

Sew a joint to connect the two materials 1/4 inches wide from the sides with a machine, leaving a 6-inch area unsewn. Turn the colour to the right part. Side stitching the starting closed, using a hook and range. Press the colour sides flat with an iron.

Sew one range of stitching 2 " wide from the top advantage of the information colour, across the size. Sew a second range of stitching 2 " wide below the first range to make a rod board.

Remove the stitching at the sides of the rod board with a joint ripper. Times the sides into the board and hand stitching them in place with the hook and range.

Measure the size of the screen colour and split it in thirds, marking light collections with a pad. Sew three control buttons spread to match with the twill record areas at the third area collections with the hook and range. The record will be used to button the information colour for starting at two different levels.

Insert the spring stress rod in the rod pocket and hang the replacement fabric colour.

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