Sunday, May 20, 2012

5 Rustic Beds

Every once in awhile, when lifestyle gets just a bit too busy, we long for easier times. Whether we matured up on a town, in the and surrounding suburbs or in house high in the sky in the big, big town, there can be something soothing about a pastoral, natural establishing that recaptures easier days.

Hardly ever do we have a chance to lie in the lawn, focus up at the sky and watch the atmosphere complete, much less stop and take a break in our life, but there is no reason we cannot at least make the effort for the overall look of the simple lifestyle through magnificent non-urban fixtures like the traditional mattresses in today's current roundup.  Apple company pie, pigtails and soda and pop take a position not involved.

Canopy Bed by Lombok

                                   Juniper Bed from AWL Western Wood

Juniper Bed from Woodland Creek

Log Bed from Mountain Woods Furniture

Pine Plank Bed from Bison Furniture

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