Saturday, May 12, 2012

How to Refinish Hardwood Floors

One way to get the most out of your home is to refinish hardwood floors, restoring them to a much finer look and design. If you bought your floors in a prefabricated style and had them installed by someone else, then you probably do not realize how much more you could get out of your home if you were to simply refinish hardwood floors. Are you remodeling your home or looking to add some value to it? Let's look at some basic information that you need to know when deciding whether or not to refinish hardwood floors in your home.

What kind of refinish?

Pre-fabricated hardwood floor planks are usually pre-treated for protection against certain things, such as insect damage and moisture. They are given a thick coat of varnish that allows them to keep their luster, which is what gives your hardwood flooring its unique finish. You can maintain this elegant and spotless look of your floor by waxing on a regular basis, and minimizing friction on the floor as much as possible.
When moving furniture, you should use rags to keep friction down, and you should never mop across your hardwood floors. Still, even with a great amount of care, the color of your hardwood flooring can fade, and you can also experience dents and scratches over time that will ruin the beautiful glossy surface of the wood over a period of time. If the problem is kept to a minimum, such as a few stains or faded spot, or a scratch or dent or two, then you can simply deal with it by adding another layer of the finish to your floor, as simply as that. You can refinish hardwood floors at all once, or just refinish some areas as needed, depending on what damage has been done.

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